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Western Cape, South Africa 2017.

Apiculture is one of the complex relationship humans have with nature. The interaction beekeepers have with bees is both serious but can seem absurd from the outside. The equipment, the suit and smoke machine, which protects us by limiting the bees communication, allows us to extract honey. Yet, the equipment looks alien and out of place. I took the bee suit into different environments. Out of context, it resembles a space suit, making the oddness of it apparent.

The work of the bees themselves is fascinating. Each hive follows the same procedure for building honeycombs, and yet they have different shapes, colors and formations. By shooting combs at a similar angle, the differences and similarities appear.

Apiculture is fascinating and an important part of our ecosystem. By showing aspects of bees and their keepers, I explore a small piece of their world. 

© Camille Dub Photography

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